Challenges during resuscitation and critical care of patients during a pandemic

6:00 - 7:00 PM CET (5:00 - 6:00 PM BST)
Professor Lars Wik
Senior Consultant in Anesthesiology,
University Hospital Oslo and Senior Researcher at NAKOS

Topic overview

During this webinar Lars Wik MD, PhD will discuss the challenges faced during the resuscitation and critical care of patients during a pandemic covering lessons learned, what could be done differently, what will change forever as a result and the benefits of mechanical CPR implementation.

Speaker bio

Lars Wik MD, PhD, is a Senior Consultant of Anesthesiology at Oslo University Hospital and the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (NAKOS), where he also holds a position as a Senior Researcher. He actively practices clinical pre-hospital emergency medicine and conducts advanced research on cardiac arrest and trauma while working with the manned doctor car in Oslo. In addition, he has regular shifts at Oslo University Hospital Anesthesia department

Since 1985 Lars has been active in conducting clinical and experimental research into mechanical CPR. He was the Principal Investigator for the CIRC randomized controlled trial and led several clinical outcome studies that have resulted in the change of resuscitation guidelines. Lars' work has generated contributions to about 100 publications (JAMA, NEJM, Circulation, Resuscitation) resulting in several invitations to present at congresses run by the European Resuscitation Council and American Heart Association. Lars also holds several patents related to Emergency Medicine technology.