Synchro SELECT Guidewires

Excellence comes down to the wire


Synchro SELECT Guidewires are the Synchro Guidewires you trust, fully optimized.

Based on years of partnership with our customers, we understand that neurointerventional procedures now require access to distal tortuous anatomy, and that guidewires need to navigate with greater ease and control. That’s why we created Synchro SELECT Guidewires.

Tip-to tail upgrades to our nitinol hypotube and stainless steel core wire have led to improved tip shape retention, tip softness, and overall enhanced control to make navigating distal easier. 

Synchro SELECT Guidewire (22% softer tip) Synchro2 Guidewire
Starting shape, Synchro SELECT end shape, Synchro2 end chape, 28% reduction in tip shape loss

Since Synchro launched, it has been the market leader for guidewires. Synchro SELECT is the guidewire you trust, fully optimized.

A) Conventional guidewire - Torque transmission

B) Synchro Guidewire - Torque transmission



Synchro SELECT Guidewire has a unique off-center cut pattern in the hypotube compared to a center aligned cut pattern on Synchro2 Guidewire. The new cut pattern allows for a softer tip that is easier to shape and balances the shape memory properties of the nitinol hypotube, resulting in better tip shape retention for improved distal navigation.


Synchro2 - 1 directional helix

Synchro SELECT - reversing helix

With the Synchro SELECT Guidewire family, you can get wherever you need to go on a comprehensive .014" platform.


Pre-shaped guidewires

45-degree pre-shaped tip
Heat-set to give initial shape.

Shapeable tip
Refine your shape for optimal
vessel selection and navigation.


UPN Description Length
SSFT215STR Access Length, Soft 215cm
SSFT215PRE Access Length, Soft Pre-Shaped 215cm
SSFT300STR Exchange Length, Soft 300cm
SSFT300PRE Exchange Length, Soft Pre-Shaped 300cm
SSTD215STR Access Length, Standard 215cm
SSTD215PRE Access Length, Standard Pre-Shaped 215cm
SSTD300STR Exchange Length, Standard 300cm
SSTD300PRE Exchange Length, Standard Pre-Shaped 300cm
SSUP215STR Access Length, Support 215cm
SSUP215PRE Access Length, Support Pre-Shaped 215cm
SSUP300STR Exchange Length, Support 300cm
SSUP300PRE Exchange Length, Support Pre-Shaped 300cm

OD: 0.014in (0.36mm)

Distal wire segment: 35cm


Microcatheter compatibility: 0.016in (0.41mm)