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How much you can contribute
When you enroll in the HCFSA, you select an annual calendar year contribution amount that will be prorated and deducted from each of your paychecks on a before-tax basis. Annual HCFSA contributions cannot exceed $3,050 as of 2024 The minimum annual HCFSA contribution is $100.
Actual per-paycheck deductions are determined by your annual calendar year contribution amount, your scheduled payroll frequency and the number of remaining pay periods in the calendar year.
An example
Assume that you are hired in May and your HCFSA participation begins in June. If you elect to contribute the annual maximum and you are paid semi-monthly, your per-paycheck contribution would be $217.86, as shown in the following chart.
How much you can contribute to the HCFSA
Annual Contribution
Remaining Pay Periods (June – December)
Per Paycheck Contribution Amount