Stroke Knowledge Initiatives
for Learning and Leadership

The right education
at the right time

Whether you’re a nurse, technician, stroke coordinator, fellow, experienced medical professional or other key caregiver along the patient pathway, we’re committed to partnering with you to advance patient care with the right medical education at the right time in your career.

SKILL is our ecosystem of education, solutions and resources, combining live and virtual sessions. It’s led by respected leaders and tailored for the specific needs of your team.

SKILL – Stroke Knowledge Initiatives for Learning and Leadership (header)

By engaging with neurovascular experts far and wide, we deliver excellent training across the following programmes:

SKILL Assist MaxTM

SKILL Assist MAX makes collaborating, teaching and sharing cases easier and more advanced than ever. From any device, expert medical professionals can join your case and assist in real time, or you can stream a highly engaging learning experience for staff and attendees.

SKILL e-lab

Engage in Stryker’s interactive, experiential e-learning platform. SKILL e-lab shares knowledge on anatomy, pathology, patient management, procedures, techniques and more – directly to your desktop or tablet.

SKILL Training centres

Take your experience to the next level at Stryker’s fully equipped training centres. Doctors and medical staff enjoy targeted, personalised training in comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with C-arm, simulators, flow models and more.

SKILL Centres of excellence

Stay ahead of patient management trends while building a foundation of basic sciences, professional standards and clinical training. Our centres of excellence around the world offer on-site, customised education from leading experts and institutions. Hands-on sessions feature our product technology fair and virtual procedures with state-of-the-art simulation technology.

SKILL Connect

Learn from leading experts through Stryker’s SKILL Connect, a powerful peer-to-peer speaker series. This speaker series brings together first-hand experience and clinical discovery to fuel healthy, informative and inspiring discussions on the application and use of advanced procedures and technology in neurovascular medicine.

SKILL NeuroEliteTM

Gain experience and confidence while networking with your peers. Our interactive and personalised curriculum provides comprehensive resources and training led by respected experts to support you throughout your fellowship.

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