APAC Series
Enhance your SKILL with us
as leading minds in the field of stroke treatment come together
to share their knowledge and experiences on one platform.


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First Pass Efficacy — My Best Practice

Professor Martin Wiesmann
June 26, 3pm HK/SGT



Transradial Approach For Acute Stroke Intervention

Dr Tim Phillips
June 23, 10am HK/SGT



Acute Stroke Treatment: Optimizing Aspiration

Dr Demetrius Lopes
July 25, 10am HK/SGT



Thrombectomy With Underlying Stenosis

Dr Yang Peng Fei
August 28, 4pm HK/SGT


A Year In Review With Surpass Evolve

Dr Vitor Pereira/Dr Hal Rice
June 11, 10am HK/SGT



Future Advances in Flow Diversion, including MAFA and Robotics

Dr Vitor Pereira
August 20, 6pm HK/SGT



Virtual Centre of Excellence

Dr Gaurav Goel
November 7-8, China Standard Time


Patient Selection For Intracranial Angioplasty Or Stenting

Professor Thomas Leung
May 26,  6pm HK/SGT



Angioplasty With Stenting For ICAS — To Whom And How To

Professor Byung Moon Kim
June 3, 6pm HK/SGT



Techniques, Tips And Tricks Of Angioplasty And Stenting

Professor Ho Fai Wong
July 29, 6pm HK/SGT



ICAS: A Practical Update On The Literature And What’s New

Dr Leonard Yeo
August 27, 6pm HK/SGT

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