VariAx Distal Fibula

Plating platform

The VariAx Distal Lateral Plate and the VairAx Fibula Straight Plates are intended for use in internal fixation of the distal fibula.

Reproducible results

With its patented polyaxial locking technology, VariAx brings something new to surgeons: convenience. The adaptable design allows for modularity and variable angles, meaning screw positioning can be based on the patient at hand, not a plate’s pre-existing design.

    • Pre-contoured periarticular plate design by SOMA database
    • Patented SmartLock polyaxial locking technology1
    • Locking screws can be angled ±15° for a total range of 30°
    • Anodization type II
    • A clustering of distal screws on the lateral plate
    • Low profile plate design

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