Stryker releases Mako Total Hip 4.0


Stryker has announced the release of Mako® Total Hip 4.0. With CT-based 3D modeling and new planning features, this SmartRoboticsTM system provides unprecedented information.

The new software of Mako Total Hip 4.0 is designed to enhance the user experience with approach-specific, region-based pelvic registration. New features allow surgeons to plan a patient’s implant position while taking into account changes in pelvic tilt in the patient’s sitting, standing and supine poses. Surgeons can now also visualize the femur-to-pelvis and component relationship to help detect risk of potential impingement.

“Mako Total Hip had 3D templating, which I thought was brilliant,” said Dr. Robert Marchand of Wakefield, R.I. “But now, with the new software, I not only have 3D templating but also dynamic range-of-motion modeling and the ability to incorporate spino-pelvic motion into planning.”

Using AccuStop™ haptic technology and a patient-specific CT scan, Mako Total Hip enables single-stage reaming and guided cup impactions to help promote accurate implant placement.1 Studies have demonstrated greater bone preservation2 and reduced blood loss3 when compared to manual total hip arthroplasty.

“With this new software, our promise of ‘knowing more’ before and during surgery is just that much more powerful," said Don Payerle, president of Stryker’s Joint Replacement division. “Surgeons have access to information they’ve never had before. Now they have the ability to visualize impingement issues before they arise and can plan a patient’s implant position based on that patient’s individualized pelvic tilt through different ranges of motion. These features are a game-changer for Mako Total Hip users.”

The Mako Total Hip 4.0 software has been a success throughout the limited market release in the U.S. With the commercial launch, all new Mako SmartRobotics Systems and software applications sold will have the new Mako Total Hip 4.0 software. The product rollout is also underway in the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan.

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