Triathlon Tritanium

Cementless Total Knee System

Cementless total knee arthroplasty (TKA) with Triathlon Tritanium is the latest evolution in the Triathlon knee portfolio. Triathlon Tritanium combines the kinematics of Triathlon with the latest in highly porous biologic fixation technology. Tritanium's innovative tibial baseplate and metal-backed patella components are SOMA-designed and enabled by Stryker's proprietary Additive Manufacturing technology.

Why cementless TKA?


Encouraging outcomes for challenging patient demographics

Patient demographics for TKA have become younger and heavier,1,2 and these patients have demonstrated higher risk of revision in TKAs.3-5 When biologic fixation is achieved, cementless TKA has the potential for a more durable bone-implant interface that can better withstand the added mechanical stress in obese patients.6 In a retrospective study with 193 patients with a minimum of five-year follow-up, morbidly obese (BMI ≥40) patients receiving cementless primary Triathlon TKA with a PS design demonstrated improved survivorship compared to those who received a cemented Triathlon TKA.5 Furthermore, the American Joint Replacement Registry reported male patients younger than 65 years adjusted for age receiving a cementless TKA showed a better survivorship than those who received cemented TKA; however the difference is small (<1%) and does not account for other potential confounders.7

Potential savings in time and cost

As the volume of TKA procedures continues to increase, the costs associated with this surgical procedure continue to be an important topic. Cementless TKA allows the potential to reduce operating room time8,9 and save expenses without the use of bone cement and cement accessories.10 A healthcare economic study in the U.S. concluded that the actual overall cost of cementless TKA could be offset by shortened operating room time and the lack of need for cement and cementing accessories.10

Strong clinical evidence

Cementless TKA is growing in popularity.7 The 2019 National Joint Registry Report in the U.K. supports the long-term outcome of cementless femoral components,11 and the AAOS evidence-based clinical practice guideline found strong evidence suggesting similar functional outcomes between cemented and cementless tibial baseplates.12 Triathlon Tritanium cementless TKA demonstrated excellent clinical outcomes in multiple studies with five-year follow-up12,14 and achieved similar functional outcomes as well as pain reduction compared to cemented Triathlon TKA in multiple short- to midterm studies.8,19

Outcome Source

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99% all-cause survivorship in 708 Triathlon Tritanium TKAs at two- to four-year follow-up.17 Tritanium Baseplate, Tritanium Metal-Backed Patella and PS PA beaded femurs were used.

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Matched comparison of 200 Triathlon Tritanium Baseplates with PS PA beaded femur vs. 200 Triathlon PS cemented TKAs showed similar functional and survivorship outcomes between two cohorts with 99.95% aseptic survivorship for Triathlon Tritanium baseplate at mean 2.4 year follow-up.19

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