CODE-STAT data review software

CODE-STAT data review software

Insights to improve performance and patient outcomes

Turn your passion for saving lives into targeted improvements — CODE-STAT data review software and service lets you easily understand team performance immediately after response.

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Product highlights

Better data means better CPR

CODE-STAT software makes it easy to see and correlate key CPR performance metrics while the incident is still fresh. Spot at a glance where you need to improve — or gain confidence in your team’s operations and skills. Measure, review, report, and repeat.

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Deliver better care

Respond more effectively for better outcomes with easier access to complete event data.

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Train more efficiently

Focus training and performance management where it’s needed most.

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Make improvement faster and easier

Simplify the collection, analysis, and sharing of data that can power performance reviews and enhancement.

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Save time on data collection and reporting

Collect information automatically and customise required reports and documentation.

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Product features


Accelerate your QA/QI efforts with insights revealed through comprehensive CODE-STAT analysis. 2015 ERC guidelines recommendations on CPR quality suggest maintaining “data-driven performance-focused debriefing to improve performance of resuscitation teams.”* CODE-STAT software gives you quick access to relevant high-quality data—including compression hands-on time, chest compression and ventilation, rate, longest pause, peri-shock pause time, and time elapsed before first shock.

*Greif R, Lockey AS, Conaghan P, et al. European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation 2015. Section 10. Education and implementation of resuscitation. Resuscitation. 2015;95:289.

CODE-STAT data review software shown on a desktop computer screen

See resuscitation performance at a glance

  • Display CPR metrics visually, according to your targets, for intuitive insight. Dive into moment-by-moment details of an entire event on a graphic, continuous time scale.
  • Review interval statistics for the entire resuscitation, broken down by time interval.
EMS professionals viewing custom analytics Stryker's CODE-STAT data review software

Create custom analytics and reporting according to your needs

  • Customise display of the statistics and details you need most, including CPR performance, ECG and EtCO2 waveforms, and CO2 trend data.
  • Annotate the stories of each resuscitation event to add context or focus attention on achievements or areas needing improvement.
  • Create individual or summary reports.
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Streamline reporting

  • Easily create summary, detail, or custom reports for performance reviews, training plans, or documentation.
  • Provide feedback to caregivers in a simple, intuitive format.
  • Track performance improvement and trends over time.
EMS professional viewing post-event data on Stryker's CODE-STAT data review software

Reduce data handling effort

  • Simplify data collection and management, thanks to full integration with all LIFEPAK monitor/defibrillators and the LUCAS 3 v3.1 chest compression system.



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Improved to 83% compression ratio

Speed clinically-significant improvements

Hands-on compression ratio relates directly to patient outcomes, which is why Redmond Medic One set out to increase this performance metric using CODE-STAT software. In just six months, the team increased its compression ratio from 66% to 83% improvement. Research shows clinically significant improvement takes place after the kind of targeted performance reviews you can hold when you learn from every resuscitation with CODE-STAT.

Olasveengen T, Wik L, Kramer-Johansen J, et al. Is CPR quality improving? A retrospective study of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Resuscitation. 2007;75:260–266





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