Cranial iD

Patient specific implants

Customised cranial implants designed for restoration of cranial defects.

Individually designed. Personalised care.

Our iD Solutions, Cranial iD implants have been designed to meet the needs of your patient from complete restoration to aesthetic. Available in the material of your choice including MEDPOR and PEEK, each implant is uniquely designed to fit the bony void and individual anthropometry of your patient. During the design session, you will interface with a design engineer to select specific features. 

  • PEEK patient specific implants are designed with exacting parameters to optimise the bone-to-implant interface. Multiple fit options are available to accommodate the needs of both you and your patient.

  • MEDPOR porous polyethylene implants provide surgeons with an expanding range of options for reconstruction and augmentation. MEDPOR is a biocompatible, high density, porous polyethylene material. The interconnecting, omni-directional pore structure may allow for fibrovascular in-growth and integration of the patient’s tissue.

  • MEDPOR single stage allows the surgeon to address their patients' needs in one surgery. Through pre-surgical planning a predictive craniotomy is made, leading to the design of a patient specific implant delivered to the hospital prior to surgery.

  • Pterional PLUS is our exclusive patient specific implant intended for the correction and prevention of persistent temporal hollowing (PTH). Pterional PLUS can help patients regain confidence helping them to look and feel like themselves again.