Porous Polyethylene Implants 

for reconstruction and augmentation

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Off-the-shelf, biocompatible implants.

Since 1985, our MEDPOR polyethylene implants have provided you with a range of off-the-shelf, biocompatible implant options for your aesthetic, reconstruction and augmentation needs. 



We understand that bio-compatibility is paramount to help surgeons achieve positive patient outcomes. The omni-directional pore structure of our polyethylene implants may increase implant acceptance by allowing the patient‘s native tissue to integrate with the implant. 


In addition to our comprehensive line of stock sterile MEDPOR implants, our iD Solutions portfolio offers CT-based patient specific implants, putting the implant design in your hands.


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Proven. Adaptable. Comprehensive.


More than 400,000 procedures have been performed with MEDPOR Biomaterial, with more than 350 published clinical reports in cranial, reconstructive, oculoplastic, and cosmetic applications.


Adaptable If desired, MEDPOR material may be cut and shaped to fit patient and surgeon needs. It is designed to accept screws and plates without cracking, providing more flexibility in fixation options and placement.
Comprehensive Wide variety of sterile oculoplastic and facial contour implants, including solutions for the cranium, orbita, maxface and MEDPOR sheets to fit patient and surgeon reconstructive and augmentation needs. 





30+ years of clinical history.

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Low complications



Fibrovascular ingrowth into the MEDPOR implant allows self-fixation in surrounding tissues and may lead to a low postoperative complication rate.1,2






The advantages of MEDPOR implants include the ease in modelling and adapting the implants as well as their long-term stability and tensile strength.3



Commonly used


Scientific surveys of surgeons found MEDPOR and MEDPOR Titan to be amongst the most commonly used implants in the treatment of orbital floor fractures4,5 and for the reconstruction of the external ear in children and adolescence.6




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