Colorado MicroDissection Needle

Electrosurgery needle


Originally developed by a neurosurgeon, today’s Colorado Needle line now includes more than 20 configurations tailored to the unique needs of diverse procedures. Our needles are compatible with a range of monopolar electrosurgical handpieces on the market. Made with ultra sharp tungsten and small size, Colorado Needle tips allow for the consistent precision and patient protection.


Features and benefits

5 micron tip

Microscopic (5μ), ultra-sharp tip enables precision tissue dissection and hemostasis at extremely low wattages, which can minimise tissue damage.1

Highly polished tungsten

Tungsten alloy heat resistant tip (melting point >3400°C) maintains sharpness longer than stainless steel; eliminating or reducing the need for multiple needles per case.

Variety of designs 

Full selection of lengths and angles designed to provide exceptional versatility for procedural and surgeon preference. 

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1 Rokhsar, C.K., Ciocon, D.H., Detweiler, S., Fitzpatrick, R.E. "The Short Pulse Carbon Dioxide Laser versus the Colorado Needle Tip with Electorocautery for Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty", Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 40:159-164 [2008].