SKILL Centres of Excellence

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A full range of learning opportunities

The SKILL Centres of Excellence play a key role in the SKILL educational program and offer a full range of learning opportunities to participants (depending on region) including: live cases, case discussions, lectures, flow model practice, simulators and animal labs.

Discover the power of the SKILL Centres of Excellence

Each course equips its participants with the resources and knowledge to stay ahead of evolving patient management trends. Emphasising the importance of building a strong foundation of basic sciences, professional standards and clinical training, Stryker’s Centres of Excellence around the globe offer a full training pathway.

A unique global training experience

While on-site education from leading experts and institutions is provided, each course is also customised based on learning needs, with progressive levels of training to advance neurointerventional education.

With Stryker’s worldwide network of SKILL training centres, fellows and healthcare professionals can enjoy a unique global training experience.

SKILL Centres of Excellence – global training events

“These days, young neurointerventionalists may believe that YouTube is the best teaching tool in INR. YouTube is great for cooking. The Stryker SKILL Centres of Excellence programme is great for teaching neurointervention.‘’

Dr Istvan Szikora
National Institute of Neuroscience, Budapest Hungary

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