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The LIFENET System is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that seamlessly manages and delivers patient information and device data that EMS and hospital teams need to work together effectively, minimize time to treatment, and improve outcomes.

Physicians discussing information on a tablet

Take action with your data.

The LIFENET System manages and delivers patient and device data when it’s needed. Hospitals get advance notice of incoming critical patients. Care team members are activated in seconds to ensure patients receive timely care. Device readiness is tracked and managed effortlessly.

Nurse in hospital reviewing data delivered from EMS via Stryker's LIFENET System on a desktop computer

Minimize time to treatment for STEMI, stroke, and other emergencies

Faster response times lead to better outcomes. Give hospital critical care teams a head start on reducing time to treatment for all emergencies through comprehensive patient data delivery from EMS. Hospitals know exactly what to expect before patients reach their doors, which means care teams can be assembled faster and briefed in advance.

Physician using Stryker's LIFENET Consult smartphone application on their mobile device

Enable quicker decisions and team collaboration

No matter where a physician might be located, their advice is only a click away with LIFENET Consult. This smartphone application allows clinicians to quickly perform remote consultations and decision support, while securely messaging the team coordinator.

Healthcare professionals reviewing post-event data on Stryker's CODE-STAT data review software

Quickly mobilize data for reporting and quality improvement

In addition to capturing minute-by-minute transmission/reception history, the LIFENET System facilitates the immediate transfer of data to CODE-STAT data review software and ePCR solutions for efficient post-event QA/QI.

LIFENET System Asset shown on a desktop computer

Easily manage equipment

The LIFENET System Asset allows you to manage an entire fleet of devices from one place. This web-based tool allows you to track equipment readiness, manage setup options, update software and receive notifications about potential device issues. Asset is highly configurable with automated alerting capabilities.

Paramedic with patient on Stryker's Power Pro XT stretcher and using the LIFEPAK 15 moni

Protect patient privacy

The LIFENET System offers multiple security shields and audits to help hospitals and EMS teams protect patient health information.

The LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator shown on the back of an emergency transport stretcher as patient is brought into the hospital

Trust a well established system

LIFENET is backed by a global player in emergency medicine and resuscitation, providing a comprehensive toolset for team coordination, alerting, data transmission, and device fleet management for multiple devices.



Product features

The LIFENET System

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Never miss a notification again. Receive highly visible pre-arrival notifications and urgent patient information to facilitate transfer to definitive care.

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Allow remote consultations and decision support through mobile devices, accelerating response to emergent patient data and increasing clinical efficiency.

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Automatically activate protocols for many emergent care needs, alert care teams to incoming patients, and timestamp specified events. All of this can be initiated by prehospital EMS transmission.

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Send patient care data directly to CODE-STAT data review software or your ePCR directly from the LIFEPAK device through the same gateway used to transmit 12-lead ECGs.

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Provide a simple way to send 12-lead ECG data to a hospital’s electronic record system, such as GE MUSE®, for integration into the patient record.

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Manage equipment status and service needs while coordinating configurations across all your equipment.





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