How Stryker supports the American Red Cross lifesaving mission


Across Stryker, our employees are supporting the global effort

As part of the largest humanitarian organization in the world, the American Red Cross mobilizes the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Part of the global Red Cross and Red Crescent network, the organization deploys experts and works with communities around the world to prepare for and respond to disasters like wildfires, floods and hurricanes, eliminate deadly diseases like measles and rubella, and reunite families separated by crises, among many other services.

On average, the Red Cross provides relief to 1 in 65 people around the world each year. With no shortage of disasters — from extreme weather due to the climate crisis to single family home fires — the organization’s lifesaving mission goes far beyond the Red Cross blood donations that the organization is perhaps known for most.

“We are so grateful to Stryker for their generous commitment to our lifesaving mission,” said Anne McKeough, chief development officer at the American Red Cross. “As families and communities struggle with more frequent and intense disasters, forward-thinking partners like Stryker enable us to offer vital assistance and make a profound impact on those facing adversity.”

Red Cross Zambia

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Meeting the blood donation needs of patients, families and communities

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.1 And when the Red Cross says there is a constant need for blood, it’s not an exaggeration. Somewhere, there’s a mother waiting on the donation that will save her son’s life. There’s a woman with sickle cell disease waiting for a blood transfusion, or a young athlete who has sustained a traumatic injury and needs blood as soon as possible. The Red Cross works to have lifesaving blood available whenever and wherever its needed — and Stryker is helping to make that happen.

The Red Cross is responsible for supplying about 40% of the nation’s blood, directly impacting Stryker’s customers and their patients. It relies on organizations and individuals to help maintain the nation’s blood supply, because the need never ends.

In addition to our signature partnership, Stryker provides employees with opportunities to step up and help. Efforts include a 2:1 donation match for the Red Cross and the opportunity to host local blood drives and volunteer events, which many of our divisions and employee resource groups have organized. For example, Stryker employees support the Red Cross during emergency blood shortages by raising awareness or donating blood and/or platelets. They also participate in volunteer opportunities to assemble disaster recovery kits for people affected by natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, blizzards and tornados. Stryker’s partnership with the Red Cross is an important way we deliver on our mission to care for those in need.

For all these humanitarian needs, Stryker is proud to stand by the Red Cross as our signature partner, both globally and locally, amplifying its mission through financial and volunteer support. 

Stryker employees give blood for patients facing sickle cell disease

In the U.S., more than 100,000 people — primarily those of African descent — have sickle cell disease and may require regular blood transfusions throughout their lifetime.2 Sickle cell disease distorts red blood cells, which may lead to severe pain, tissue and organ damage, anemia and even strokes. Frequent transfusions may result in an immune response from donors who are not closely matched to the blood of the recipient, but one in three Black American blood donors are a match for people with sickle cell disease. As the Red Cross continues its new national initiative to reach more blood donors who are Black to help improve health outcomes, Stryker is supporting the effort.

To help meet this need, Stryker’s African Ancestry Network (SAAN), an employee resource group formed by Stryker employees who aspire to make Stryker a career destination for Black employees, organized multiple local blood drives that members could attend over the past few years in recognition of Black History Month.

“It was encouraging to be able to provide an opportunity for members at each Stryker location,” said Jordan Merritt, Marketing Communications Manager at Stryker and the Communications Lead for SAAN. “Whether it was San Jose, Dallas, Kalamazoo, Mahwah, Memphis or another location, employees used their extra time for good, helping people in need.”

Blood drive

It’s the blood already on the shelves that helps save lives in an emergency. Stryker is honored to partner with the Red Cross and support blood drives in local communities across the nation.

There are many ways you, too, can support the Red Cross
Make a donation, sign up to volunteer, give lifesaving blood, learn how to host a blood drive or take a First Aid or CPR class near you.