Medical Models

CT/CBCT-based anatomical bone models


CT/CBCT-based anatomical bone models designed to facilitate pre-surgical planning in complex cases such as orthognathics, mandible and cranial, facial trauma, skull base tumors, and distraction osteogenesis.
CT/CBCT-based anatomical bone models are legally manufactured by the company 3D Systems and distributed by Stryker

Features and benefits

CT/CBCT-based design 

Models created using CT/CBCT data, creating an accurate match to the patient's anatomy

Anatomical template 

Patient-specific design allows for pre-contouring of necessary hardware in advance of surgery, which may reduce the time historically spent on hardware manipulation.

Selective coloration  

ClearView models are translucent and are designed for selective coloration to highlight vital structures such as tumors, vascular structures or tooth roots.


Allows for use as a surgical reference in the operating room.

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