fellows programme

Gain experience and confidence while networking with your peers through this comprehensive programme, delivering outstanding educational opportunities to neurointerventional fellows in their final year of residency. The interactive and personalised curriculum provides a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge, with resources and training sessions led by respected experts.

All designed to support you throughout your fellowship. Our educational programmes include:

  • Hands-on product trainings
  • Technology courses
  • Simulation trainings
  • National symposiums

NeuroElite fellows programme curriculum

Procedural and product introduction
SKILL Training centres

On location 

Salt Lake City, UT - US
Suzhou - China
Amsterdam - Europe 

Procedural and product immersion
SKILL e-labs

Independent case study

Delivered and shared on interactive platform

Procedural and product in practice
SKILL Centres of excellence

Peer-to-peer training in our global centres of excellence led by top experts in neurointervention 

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