VariAx 2 Mini Fragment
Variable Angle Locking Plating System

The VariAx 2 Mini Fragment plating system features a complete range of low profile plate and screw options in 2.0mm, 2.4mm and 2.7mm modules. Plates utilize SmartLock variable angle locking technology which permits polyaxial screw placement. T8 locking screws may be angled +/- 15º in any direction for up to a 30º cone. T6 locking screws may be angled +/- 10º in any direction for a total of 20º.



System overview:

Plating options:

The VariAx 2 Mini Fragment System offers Profile, Narrow Locking, and Broad Locking plates with the narrow and broad locking plate options offering variable angle locking. 

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Profile plates

Mini Fragment Profile plate

Narrow locking plates

Mini Fragment Narrow locking plate

Broad locking plates

Mini Fragment Broad locking plate



The Broad Locking plates are designed to provide a stronger option compared to the Narrow Locking plates. Profile and Broad Locking plates are offered as straight plates only, ranging from 4 – 20-hole lengths.

Mini Fragment Broad locking plate

Narrow Locking plates are offered in straight, T, Y, and triangle plate options. T-plates are offered in 5 and 10-holes lengths, and Y and Triangle plates are offered in 10-hole options. The top side of the plates always feature a circumferential chamfer.

Mini Fragment Broad locking plate

Screw options:

All circular holes in the dark grey 2.0mm, 2.4mm, and 2.7mm Narrow and Broad Locking Plates provide an option for both polyaxial locking and non-locking screws. The circular holes in the light silver 2.0mm and 2.4mm Profile Plates provide an option for non-locking screws only.

Mini Fragment Broad locking plate

SmartLock Technology

SmartLock technology permits polyaxial screw placement.2.0mm locking screws can be angled up to 10° in each direction for a total range of 20°. 2.4mm and 2.7mm locking screws can be angled up to 15° in each direction for a total range of 30°.

VariAx 2 Smartlock Technology T6 screw
VariAx 2 Smartlock Technology T8 screw

Instrumentation options:

In addition to the full implant offering of the Mini Fragment portfolio, there is an arsenal of reduction instruments, positioning instruments, and tools to cut and contour your plates to fit the needs of your patient included in the tray.

Termite forceps

Termite forceps

Straight Reduction Clamp, Broad

Straight reduction clamp, broad

Straight Reduction Clamp

Straight reduction clamp

Repositioning forceps

Repositioning forceps



Sharp Hook

Sharp hook

Ball Spike

Ball spike

Hohmann retractor, 6mm

Hohmann retractor (6mm)

Hohmann retractor, 15mm

Hohmann retractor (15mm)

The joystick can be used in any circular hole to aid in plate positioning

VariAx 2 Joystick option

Additional contouring of all plates is possible using the Plate Bender. The multiple-use plate bender can be used for both in-plane and out-of-plane bending for all plate sizes. Both sides of the bender have a laser etching identifying which plate size may be contoured on that respective side.

VariAx 2 Plate Bending Diagram

A: Stop markings   B: In-plane bending   
C: Out of plane bending

Cutting of all profile and narrow locking plates as well as 2.0mm broad locking plates is possible using the plate cutter.

VariAx 2 Plate Bending



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