VariAx 2 Elbow
Plating System

Variable angle locking plate system designed for treatment of distal humeral and proximal ulnar fractures.

Plating that fits.

The VariAx 2 Elbow plating system provides you with a comprehensive range of anatomic plating options that work with a common instrument and screw platform. Plates utilize SmartLock technology which permits polyaxial screw placement. You can angle locking screws up to 15˚ in each direction for a total range of 30˚ providing you with the flexibility to position screws based on the patient, not a plate’s pre-existing design.

  • Two different 180° and two different 90° distal humerus plating options
  • Plates designed with a bridging support between the diaphyseal and metaphyseal regions, making the plate stronger where the primary fracture line normally lies
  • Flexibility to use both 2.7mm or 3.5mm locking/non-locking screws
  • Common T10 screw interface allows for one screwdriver regardless of locking or non-locking screws for ease of use


CP-AWI-14, 07-2017