Airo TruCT Largest Inner Bore, 32 Slice
Mobile CT Imaging System

Airo TruCT is the only 32 slice point-of-care CT scanner that combines self propelled mobility with the world's largest inner bore.1

Airo's ability to self-propel during transportation makes it highly mobile, and in combination with the largest bore opening, it provides flexibility in patient positioning, which may support clinical capabilities throughout the hospital setting.

Specialties may include Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery, Radiology, Proton Therapy, and Brachytherapy



1 Large 107cm inner bore diameter with 32 slice diagnostic quality
2 Airo seamlessly integrates with Trumpf surgical/imaging tables and related accessories
3 The Airo Command Pendant features a large touchscreen (8.5"x5.4") interface for easy control
4 Airo plugs into a standard wall power outlet




Airo TruCT system dimensions
With Trumpf™ column

Airo TruCT system dimensions
Without Trumpf™ column

Scan mode

In scan mode, the base is lowered onto the ground by retracting the casters in the support base. The Ring is rotated 90 degrees perpendicular to the base. In scan mode, all functionality other than transport is available to the user, such as patient loading, system positioning, image acquisition, and image processing. The Pendant provides a user interface which enables viewing and manipulation of stored images from the patient database. Images can be archived to a USB digital storage media or pushed to a PACS or a navigation system through DICOM protocol.

Transport mode

In transport mode, the Ring is aligned with the base, and the entire system is powered from a battery pack located on the Ring. In this mode, Airo can be driven and positioned by the control Pendant attached to one side of the Gimbal. Moving the Airo typically requires only a single person even when taking the system up or down a ramp. However, a second person may act as a spotter in busy or crowded hallways. Once the Airo has been moved to the desired location (for storage or scanning), it is then plugged into a standard power outlet for recharging.


Airo TruCT system specifications


Bore (Aperture):  107 cm
Gantry width:  38 cm
Image field of view:  51.2 cm
X-ray generation

X-ray tube voltage:  80, 100, 120 kV
X-ray tube current:  5 - 250 mA 
Focal spot size:  1.0 x 1.0 mm
X-ray detection

Detection system:  Solid-State Array
Main detectors:  32 rows


Helical scanning capabilities

Rotation time:  1.92 sec
Scan range:  1 meter
Scan time: 42 sec for 1 meter scan range2
Helical scan pitch:  1.415
Slice thickness:  32 x 1.0 mm
Image reconstruction time:  24 images per sec
Image quality

Reconstruction matrix:  512 x 512
Low contrast detectability:  3 mm at 0.5%

Size and mobility

Weight of 816 kg (1800 lbs) + optional column 159 kg (350 lbs)

Airo contains a powered-drive system that can transport at a fixed rate of approximately 1 mph in the forward direction and 0.5 mph in the reverse direction.