Smart Toe II
Intramedullary implant

Our premier hammertoe treatment, Smart Toe II is a one piece, dynamic compression implant for hammertoe correction.

Proven. Flexible. Supported.
Stryker’s premier hammertoe treatment, Smart Toe II, pioneered the use of a one-piece, dynamic compression implant for hammertoe correction. Now with over 100,000 implants sold globally, Smart Toe II continues to provide demonstrated clinical outcomes.1,2
  • Successful clinical fusion rates over 90%2
  • Less than 1% rate of reported implant failure*
  • Dynamic compression and rotational stability
  • Flexible patient sizing options



Smart Toe II animation

The Smart Toe II intramedullary implant was designed for correction of a hammertoe deformity. It offers rotational stability and compression across the joint line, while avoiding potential complications experienced with k-wires, such as pin tract infection and post-operative exposure.


Smart Toe II hammertoe correction

This video shows a hammertoe correction, using a Smart Toe implant. It also shows a metatarsal shortening osteotomy, which is fixated with Fixos screws.



Forefoot procedures

Hammertoe Correction (PIP/DIP Joint)




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*According to a Medical Device reporting analysis performed in the Super and Trackwise systems for US reported events on August 3rd, 2015, the reported rate of implant failure for Smart Toe implant breakage between July 1, 2011 and August 3rd, 2015 was less than 1% of total Smart Toe implants sold.

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