Memometal nitinol implant

The EasyClip memometal nitinol implant has a low profile and dynamic compression. It is a superelastic staple fixation system.

Low profile. Dynamic compression.
Designed to facilitate fast and easy fixation in a variety of applications, EasyClip allows for active compression across the osteotomy site avoiding pin tract infections and stress risers to promote healing.1
  • No heat activation required
  • Fast and easy insertion
  • Range of sizes available from 8-25mm
  • Symmetric or asymmetric leg lengths to fit anatomy
  • Patented forceps allow for simple intraoperative repositioning2



EasyClip Xpress Cadaveric video


EasyClip system animation

The EasyClip system is designed to facilitate easy and fast fixation in a variety of applications. The super elastic property of the EasyClip fixation system property provides a constant, active compressive state.


Ankle procedures

Charcot Neuroarthropathy



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