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Tornier Perform hero image
Tornier Perform hero image

Tornier Perform

Humeral Stem

Platform humeral system intended for anatomic, reverse and hemi-arthroplasty of the shoulder.
Our relentless pursuit of shoulder arthroplasty innovation continues. Elevated by Blueprint 3D Planning Software and the Tornier Perform Anatomic Glenoid and Tornier Perform Reversed Glenoid, the Tornier Perform Humeral Stem offers clinical solutions from your most simple to complex cases.
Key benefits
Designed utilizing Blueprint 3D Planning Software and clinical experience in shoulder arthroplasty to create patient-optimized solutions.
Intuitive instrumentation designed to offer consistent flow in the operating room and a full range of humeral options allowing to repeat your surgical plan, case after case.
Backed by the Blueprint 3D Planning Software and our glenoid portfolio, the Perform Humeral Stem provides clinical solutions, from simple to complex cases.
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