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Stryker Education Virtual Education Stryker Neurosurgical Academy

Styker Neurosurgical Academy

Date: Several modules running throughout 2021

Time: N/A

Location: virtual

Event description: This course is an online tutor group series designed by neurosurgeons for neurosurgeons, and more specifically for senior residents interested in debating fundamental approaches and techniques in neurosurgery. This virtual academy is designed to give a close-knit tutor group style of learning, where residents are encouraged to take part in discussion with faculty and present their own cases. The objectives are to understand the decision making related to specific neurosurgical procedures, discuss the concept of neurosurgery and the options for surgical techniques. The aim is also to increase your confidence with identifying operative anatomy from discussions.

The number of places for this course is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Please register your interest to the course by filling in the contact form below. Our team will then get in touch to inform you about the details and registration process.


Stryker Education Cadaveric Lab Advanced Skull Base Microanatomy and hands-on dissection

International Advanced Skull Base Microanatomy and hands-on dissection

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event description: This is a hands-on cadaveric program led by an interdisciplinary faculty and focused on complex skull base surgery training. Dissection courses are an integral part of the surgical experience of each individual skull base surgeon. Thorough knowledge of microanatomy is the prerequisite for any skull base surgeon to master maximum efficiency during surgery. Nowhere is this knowledge more critical than during minimally invasive neuro-and ENT-surgery and the combined approaches to preserve function and quality of life. Classic microscopic approaches as well as the newly developed endoscopic endonasal approaches are combined in this course. Advantages and disadvantages of both strategies will be critically discussed with the participants and faculty. The goal of this course is that every participant can confidently treat complex skull base lesions. Expect a very advanced skull base course, that will challenge even experienced surgeons.

The number of places for this course is limited. Please reach out to your local Stryker representative for more information, or register your interest by clicking on the link below.