Small Bone

Power Tools

TPX, Micro corded system for Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist and Maxillofacial procedures.

F1 - Battery-powered system for small bone orthopedic surgical applications involving Trauma, Hand & Wrist and Foot & Ankle procedures.



Inspired by surgeons, designed for surgeons


TPX, Stryker’s ergonomic corded Micro power tools designed for reliability and performance in the operating room, allowing you to focus on the procedure at hand.


We’ve leveraged the intuitive and more ergonomic design of the devices with added texture for firmer grip. Lighter cable with a low-friction finish is designed to reduce catching on surgical fabric.*

*Compared to previous generation, RemB


I.D. Touch software with Stryker’s CORE 2.0 Console enables you to customize how your Micro Drill and Sagittal Saw respond when pressure is applied during use.


Distinct connection points, together with tactile and audible feedbacks enable an intuitive and confident connection of all parts. With IPX9 rating, TPX is built to be temporarily submerged during cleaning, prior to sterilization.


Meet the
TPX Family

(A) Wire Driver
Designed for optimized ergonomics, can clamp wires with 60% less wire exposure, compared to the Universal Driver with wire collet.

(B) Universal Driver
Universal Driver can be used with collets, a wide range of drill and ream attachments as well as with cutting accessories.

(C) 4 Dedicated saws and Micro Drill
Specifically designed to be ergonomic, powerful, user-friendly and agile. Compatible with our broad portfolio of micro cutting accessories.

I.D. Touch software

allows you to customize how your Sagittal saw and Micro drill respond to variation in density of the bone, giving you the performance and feel you want.

Coated cable

A low-friction coating is designed to reduce catching on surgical fabric and drapes while minimizing the collection of dust and debris.

Confident connection

Distinct, carved-out connection points respond with audible confirmation, enabling a confident connection.


With IPX9 rating, TPX is built to be temporarily submerged during cleaning, prior to sterilization.

Universal collet

Reliably grips wires over the product’s life with stainless steel jaws minimizing wear over time. Accommodates wire and pin diameters of 0.7–3.2 mm.

Textured grip

Added texture to improve grip on pencil handpiece saws.

CORE 2.0 Console

Powered Instrument Driver


Compatible with CORE 2 system, I.D. Touch software enables you to customize how your micro drill and sagittal saw respond when pressure is applied during use — from low to high sensitivity — redefining performance to your liking.

In addition to providing ID touch software, CORE 2.0 lets users adjust their handpiece speed, acceleration, brake and irrigation. Customised user presets can be stored and transferred.

CORE 2 large icons and 7” colour touch screen with 170° wide viewing angle allows for user friendly interface.


Adjustable acceleration and braking

Three hand piece ports; runs two handpieces simultaneously

Coloured illumination rings (5) display matched drills and footswitches for minimal disruption of your workflow Constant, colour-lit visibility of matched drills and foot pedals

Two foot pedal ports; ability to assign two pedals to a single hand piece

Integrated irrigation; one-step insertion and removal

Distinct audio tones denote different actions/alerts

Micro Cutting Accessories

Micro Cutting


As a TPX customer you benefit from a wide portfolio of cutting accessories designed to meet your needs. Stryker’s portfolio has over 150 micro blades and over 100 different burs to choose from.

Stryker’s differentiating solutions

Micro Dual Cut

Micro Dual Cut blades are 62.31% faster in cutting than Aggressive Thin Blades and 50.03% faster in cutting than Precision Thin Blades.1

Resurfacing Tool

Stryker’s resurfacing tool is designed to not clog, providing a reduced level of chatter, increased cut accuracy, and increased cut speed when compared to a 4.0mm fluted egg bur.2,3

TPX Routers

New Routers with an improved cutting geometry and 1.5 mm diameter tip, which can be used for minimally invasive MIS Foot & Ankle procedures4.

1. Stryker Internal Testing; 2. The 2.5mm egg resurfacing tool had an equivalent cut speed when compared to the 4.0mm fluted egg bur 1608-002-035. Data on file. 3.  Under test lab conditions when compared to the 1608-002-035 using a bone substitute. 4.  TPX Routers are designed for Orthopedic and CMF procedures and can be used in MIS approaches



Free to be your best

Battery-powered system designed for small bone orthopedic surgical applications involving Trauma, Hand & Wrist and Foot & Ankle procedures.

SmartGRIP Technology


The electronics of a cord, console and handpiece are combined in a single device for balanced egonomics and control.



High-capacity cells deliver consistent power and performance during long and challenging procedures.*

*Stryker Internal Testing

Battery status indicator


Battery indicator light in each handpiece uses colours to display battery status information.

Pistol Grip


Pencil Grip



The Stryker F1 Small Bone Micro Power System offers five motors, all interchangeable between SmartGRIP Module gripping styles. This versatility allows for customizable sets, so you have only the components you need.



The Stryker F1 Small Bone Micro Power System offers four attachments for use with the universal motor, allowing for more efficient operation with fewer components.



Get the most out of your investment


SORN helps facilitate a proactive approach to device maintenance by tracking and reporting usage of your power tools.

SORN technology helps optimize the management of your F1 Power Tools and helps improve uptime by enabling proactive maintenance.

SORN is available with ProCare Protect.

SORN provides a monthly data driven health status report


1) Chage your power tool


2) Data is transferred to Stryker


3) Data is processed by Stryker


4) Receive your monthly report

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