Sonopet iQ

Ultrasonic Aspirator System

Our latest neurosurgical innovations. The Sonopet iQ Ultrasonic Aspirator has been developed in consultation with leading surgeons across the world to achieve our common goal of making healthcare better.

Versatile. Simple. Precise.

We’ve raised simplicity and performance to an even higher level designed to produce consistent surgical experiences.1 We’ve also added semi-autonomous functionality and unparalleled customisation so you can do more with the Sonopet iQ with less time and effort.1

Rapid readiness for any O.R. team

Unparalleled customisation

One-step retrieval of surgeon profile


RFID automatic optimisation

instantly changes settings based on connected tip or user profile

Intuitive setup

  • All components labeled or colour-coded
  • One-step non-sequential connections
  • Packaging with setup visuals
  • On-screen steps and tutorial
  • Connection feedback 

More precise suction control2

  • User uniform changes in suction setting 
  • Regulate the pressure when the tip is occluded with 
  • Achieve lower suction levels 


Universal handpiece 

  • Soft tissue/bone cutting tips all compatible with the same handpiece 
  • Designed for balance and ergonomics 
  • Integrated irrigation 

Take control

Choose from basic, advanced and wireless foot pedals, with advanced foot pedals offering variable power and suction control. The Sonopet iQ Ultrasonic Aspirator is also compatible with a hand controller, for remote control from sterile and non-sterile field. 

367% faster fibrous tissue resection1
133% faster bone cutting1
75% more precise suction control2
48% faster setup time than Sonopet1

Extensive tip offering

12cm iQ Micro

12cm iQ Barracuda

12cm iQ Standard

12cm iQ Serrated Large

12cm iQ Large

20cm iQ Standard

12cm iQ Micro Claw

20cm iQ Apex 360

11cm iQ Apex Knife

12cm iQ Claw

18cm iQ Micro Claw

12cm iQ 120 Claw

18cm iQ Apex Micro Claw

12cm iQ Apex 360

11cm iQ Knife

1. All comparative metrics and claims are Sonopet iQ compared to Sonopet 1. Stryker internal test data on file.

2. Sonopet iQ has improved suction control for delicate resection rates with 75% lower achievable pressure settings compared to the first generation Sonopet. Stryker internal data.