Target Tetra® Detachable Coil

New shape.

New softness.

New possibilities.


For over 10 years, we have been continuously making Target Coils better. Now we’re introducing Target Tetra, which brings a new shape and softness into one coil, making it an excellent option for treating small aneurysms from frame to finish. 

Target Tetra is our softest coil, yet has enhanced shape stability, so you’re never compromising one advantage for the other. 


Now available in sizes up to 4.5mm!

Target Tetra (rotating)

The Target family has a proven legacy. And now, Target Tetra is reshaping what’s possible.

Target Tetra -shape highlights

The unique tetrahedral shape is designed to:

1 Treat small aneurysms from frame to finish
2 Increase stability
3 Reduce coil herniation

Click here to see the Target Tetra Detachable Coil in action.

Our softest coil was designed for small spaces. Whether you’re treating a small aneurysm or using alongside other Target Detachable Coils for filling and finishing, Target Tetra has you covered.

Target Tetra -chart illustrating force on anneurysm wall

Target Tetra is 28% softer than Target Nano and 67% softer than Target Ultra.

Coil softness is especially important when working in small spaces because it helps reduce aneurysm rupture risk.


Testing performed by Stryker. Bench testing is not indicative of clinical performance.

Trusted hemorrhagic solution

Target Tetra Detachable Coils are compatible with:

  1. Excelsior SL-10 Microcatheter or Excelsior XT-17 Microcatheter
  2. AXS Catalyst 5 Distal Access Catheter
  3. AXS Infinity LS Long Sheath

Its new braided stretch resistant suture is designed to allow for a smoother delivery and reduced microcatheter kickback.

The same smooth and stable delivery
system as legacy Target Coils

Target Tetra coil construction (cut away view)

Aneurysm size: H: 2.72mm, W: 2.95mm, N: 2.08mm
Products used: Target Tetra Detachable Coil 3mm x 6cm,
Excelsior SL-10 Straight Microcatheter

Video taken by Stryker.

Case Spotlights

Ruptured basilar fenestration aneurysm
Physician: Dr. Warren Kim, San Francisco, CA

Aneurysm dimensions:
Height: 1.5mm
Width: 1.9mm
Neck: 1.3mm

Coils used: 
Target Tetra 1.5mm x 3cm


Microcatheter stability was great and crucial for this case. It would have been an extremely difficult case without Tetra.” 
– Dr. Warren Kim

Target Tetra Case spotlight: Ruptured basilar fenestration aneurysm
Target Tetra Case Spotlight: Residual ACOM aneurysm

Residual ACOM aneurysm
Physician: Dr. Rahul B. Jadhav, Little Rock, AK

Aneurysm dimensions: 
Height: 2.47mm
Width: 2.19mm
Neck: 2mm

Coils used: 
Target Tetra 3mm x 6cm, 3mm x 4.5cm, 2.5mm x 3.5cm


In my early cases it excelled my expectations and aced the outcome.
– Dr. Rahul B. Jadhav

Unruptured ACOM aneurysm
Physician: Dr. Satoshi Tateshima, Los Angeles, CA

Aneurysm dimensions:
Height: 4.0mm
Width: 3.5mm
Neck: 3.5mm

Coils used:
Target Tetra 3.5mm x 8cm, 2.5mm x 4.5cm, 1.5mm x 3.0cm, 1.5mm x 3.0cm, 1.5mm x 2.0cm


It is not just a great small aneurysm framer, but also a great neck filler.
– Dr. Satoshi Tateshima

Target Tetra Case Spotlight: Unruptured ACOM aneurysm
Target Tetra Case Spotlight: ICA (ophthalmic segment) aneurysm

Dr. Tateshima and Dr. Kim are paid consultants of Stryker. The opinions expressed by physicians are not necessarily those of Stryker. Individual experiences may vary.

ICA (ophthalmic segment) aneurysm
Physician: Dr. Kadir Erkmen, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Aneurysm dimensions:
Height: 5.19mm
Width: 5.07mm
Neck: 4.5mm

Coils used:
Target 3D 5mm x 10cm

Target Tetra 3.5mm x 8cm, 3.5mm x 8cm, 3.5mm x 6cm, 2.5mm x 4.5cm, 2.5mm x 3.5cm, 2.5mm x 3.5cm


Tetra is the softest coil I have used and makes treatment of complex aneurysms possible, especially small ruptured aneurysms that would otherwise require neck remodeling.
– Dr. Kadir Erkmen

Product specifications and compatibility

  Target 360 Ultra Target 360 Nano Target Tetra
SR suture Monofilament Monofilament

Braided multi-filament

Primary wire 0.0015"  0.00125” 0.00125”
Primary coil OD 0.010” 0.010” 0.010”
Secondary OD 2-5mm 1-3.5mm 1.5-3.5mm
Lengths 3-15cm 2-6cm 2-10cm
Detachment Electrolytic Electrolytic Electrolytic
MC compatibility Excelsior SL-10 Microcatheter, 
Excelsior XT-17 Microcatheter,
Excelsior 1018 Microcatheter
Excelsior SL-10 Microcatheter, 
Excelsior XT-17 Microcatheter,
Excelsior 1018 Microcatheter

Excelsior SL-10 Microcatheter,
Excelsior XT-17 Microcatheter,
Excelsior 1018 Microcatheter

Ask your sales rep about Target Tetra sizing considerations.

Techniques and portfolio

For over 10 years, we have been continuously making our Target Coils better. Now we’re introducing Target Tetra, which brings a new shape and softness into one coil. 

Target Tetra -techniques -timeline

Small aneurysm clinical evidence with Target Detachable Coils

ULTRA registry takeaways

The ULTRA Registry proved that it is safe to treat small aneurysms, now with Target Tetra, you can feel even more confident when treating small aneurysms from frame to finish.

ULTRA registry 

The ULTRA Registry is an investigator-initiated prospective, multicenter U.S. registry of patients with small (≤5mm) intracranial aneurysms treated exclusively with Target Ultra and Target Nano coils.

Primary endpoints: Target aneurysm occlusion and recurrence rates.

Secondary endpoints: Device and/or procedure related adverse events, aneurysm hemorrhage intraoperatively or during follow-up.

Target Tetra: Ultra Registry data points (chart)
Target Tetra: Clinical evidence -patient baselines

Key findings

Core lab adjudicated results confirm the excellent safety and efficacy profiles of Target Ultra and Nano coils in the treatment of ruptured and unruptured small intracranial aneurysms.

Target Tetra: Clinical evidence -key findings

Disclaimer: This Investigator Initiated Study was funded wholly or in part by Stryker. The funding source was not involved in study design, monitoring, data collection, statistical analyses, interpretation of results, or manuscript writing.

Important Safety Information