Investigator Initiated Study (IIS)

Stryker's Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) Grants are a part of our commitment to making healthcare better for our customers and their patients

Stryker IVS Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Program

IIS are independent clinical research projects that are conceived, initiated, conducted, and sponsored by a qualified third-party investigator (Sponsor Investigator). The Sponsor Investigator can be an individual investigator or an Institution and is responsible for fulfilling the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and any obligations as study sponsor. 

IIS contribute to answer important medical and scientific questions and to advance knowledge about Stryker products or general disease states of interest to the medical community.

In line with Stryker’s mission “Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better”, Stryker IVS is committed to advancing healthcare and improving patients’ lives. As part of this commitment, Stryker IVS believes in the value of supporting the independent research projects that are in line with the company clinical strategy and that are based on Stryker’s IVS portfolio, which includes:


Investigator Initiated Study | Stryker

How does Stryker IVS IIS program work?

Stryker IVS may support those IIS that are in line with the company clinical strategy, the defined areas of interest, and the identified divisional clinical data needs in the form of funding or by providing Stryker IVS devices.To be considered for Stryker’s support, the proposed IIS must be designed to produce data, results and conclusions that have scientific value to the medical or patient community and must offer robustness in terms of ethical and scientific design.

Note: Stryker support is limited to coverage of financial expenses (whether via funds or in-kind) and/or supply of Stryker products, without exceeding fair market value. Funding requests for expenses not associated with the conduct of the study are prohibited.


Qualifications of the Sponsor Investigator

The Sponsor Investigator must be able to demonstrate evidence of high ethical and scientific standards as it relates to clinical research in human subjects and must be experienced in undertaking clinical research either as a sponsor or by participating to research sponsored by credible organizations.

IIS Process


The IIS is submitted to Stryker by the Sponsor Investigator.

Proposal review

The proposal is evaluated by the Stryker IVS multidisciplinary review Committee within 30 days following the submission.

Outcome communication

The submitting investigator is informed about the review outcome. If the review results in an approval to move forward with supporting the study, an agreement will be executed with the research partner.

Note: The outcome of a proposal's review is not contingent on past, current or future business relationship between Stryker and the research partner.

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