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Survivor: Henrik Penning

Survivor: Henrik Penning

What started as a fun school trip for Henrik and his classmates to the local JUMP house quickly turned into an emergency situation. Thankfully, his teacher Ms. Hinrichs and the employees at the JUMP House knew exactly what to do when Henrik suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Watch how they used an AED and CPR to help save his life.

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Connected to Care

In critical situations, you need to make the right connections and communication on scene and behind the scenes. Our devices and data connect with you to ensure an integrated flow from the field into the hospital. Saving every second and delivering insights that matter to help improve patient outcomes.

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EMS Stories: The voice of caregivers

From the Netherlands to Poland, discover why EMS organizations are using Stryker Powered Solutions.

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EMS Stories: The voice of caregivers, France

A French family owned EMS organization where passion is at the heart of everything.

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Survivor: Bob Whetton

Survivor: Bob Whetton

Seven cardiac arrest events, seven saves. Watch this video to discover more about the cardiac arrest response system at Brighton FC's AMEX stadium.

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Andy Hannan

Survivor: Andy Hannan

Andy Hannan was playing walking football when he collapsed on the field from a sudden cardiac arrest. Thankfully, one of his co-players, Sue, a first aid volunteer, immediately sprang to action. Watch how she saved his life with the help of the system of care.

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EMS Stories: Rescue on Mount Marmolada

As two experienced rock climbers scaled the vertical wall of Marmolada – the highest mountain of the Italian Dolomites – they knew something was amiss when the temperature dropped suddenly.

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