Universal Neuro III

1.5mm cranial fixation system

Low profile titanium plating system for neurosurgery.


The Universal Neuro III module neatly contains a comprehensive selection of skull base plates, low-profile plates, dynamic mesh, screws, and the instrumentation intended for fixations of the cranial bone flaps. Read more on the features and benefits below.

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Features and benefits

Low profile plates

  • 0.4mm profile height is designed to allow for rigid fixation of cranial flaps with decreased palpability.
  • The plates have deeper countersinks, broader bars and smoother geometry.

Skull base plates 

  • The addition of dedicated skull base plates may make reconstruction of unique cranial approaches quicker and more efficient through minimal plate modification

Burr hole covers

  • Stryker burr hole covers with added fixation hole and dynamic bar design for ease of contouring; in addition to two enhanced shunt plate options.

AXS Screws

  • Enhanced self-drilling AXS (axial stability) screws help with off-axis loading and insertion.


  • Ergonomically shaped screwdriver handle and precisely designed screwdriver blade for improved handling, allowing favorable blade-to-screw interface/retention and easier screw insertion.
  • Color coding of the modules and associated instrumentation provides ease of use for surgeon and staff.