Gel Technology

Stryker's ComfortGel support surface

Product features

Close-up of CoreGel Technology in Stryker's ComfortGel support surface

CoreGel Technology

CoreGel™ redistributes pressure in the sacral region by buckling and absorbing the patient’s weight, allowing immersion and envelopment to take place.

Close-up of the sloped heel section of Stryker's ComfortGel support surface

Sloped heel

Sloped heel section reduces the risk of heel breakdown.

Patient lying in hospital bed as head of bed elevates

Positioning pocket

The CoreGel™ Technology creates a positioning pocket that helps prevent the patient from migrating to the foot end of the bed when head of bed is elevated.

Stryker's ComfortGel support surface without cover

Durable design

Support Surface breakdown typically occurs in the sacral region. CoreGel™ is located in that vulnerable sacral region. As pressure is applied over time, the gel maintains its structure due to its high memory and durability.

Close-up of CoreGel Technology in Stryker's ComfortGel support surface

Advanced comfort

In today's healthcare environment patients might assess not only their level of therapeutic care, but also their level of comfort. The ComfortGel support surface is designed to redistribute pressure in the vulnerable sacral region to help prevent pressure ulcers and provide advanced comfort for patient experience.

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