Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Our commitment to people and our planet

As we pursue our mission to make healthcare better, we see endless opportunity. We also feel a great responsibility to our society. Our objective is to positively impact people and our planet through responsible, sustainable practices that create a better, healthier world.


Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability | Stryker

Giving and volunteering

Around the world

Partnerships, like the one we have with Operation Smile, allows us to advance healthcare through medical education initiatives as well as medical missions that directly serve those in need. With our partners we alleviate suffering, restore function and bring hope to some of the most under resourced people in the world.

Where we live

Stryker gives back around the world, donating our time, our funds and the products we make to support people in need and the communities in which we live and work with resources to improve lives. We determine philanthropic support based on professional and community needs – from humanitarian aid to healthcare access and other charitable assistance. Our giving and volunteering strategy aims to advance healthcare, support education and support vital communities.

Impact through volunteerism

Eleanor House
Kalamazoo, Michigan,
United States

Employees along with Chairman and CEO, Kevin Lobo landscaped and cleaned the interior of a local shelter. They also provided toys for the play area and new computers to replace the lone, ailing unit used for homework and job searches.

Red Cross
Amsterdam, Netherlands

In partnership with the Red Cross employees engaged local businesses to solicit donations.

Chen Su Lan Children’s Home

Employees came together to organise an ice skating event for special needs children. The children were able to enjoy three hours of ice skating coaching, games and lunch.

Regalo de Amor
Arroyo, Puerto Rico

Employees hosted 180 students and their teachers at the Arroyo Convention Center as part of Regalo de Amor. At the convention centre, students and teachers were served snacks while enjoying musical and karaoke performances, and clown and magic shows.

Climate and environment

Climate change is real. As a healthcare company, we cannot ignore the intricate connection between the health of our planet and human health. We are committed to examining our carbon emissions and setting reduction goals. Currently, we are evaluating the risks and opportunities we face.

Concurrently, we have been making strides to improve our carbon footprint. We have recently executed a renewable energy power purchase agreement to supply all our electricity needs in Ireland in addition to continued use of renewable energy for our sites in Germany. Across our manufacturing locations, approximately 15% of our electricity use is generated by renewable sources.

Our efforts also have included identifying and implementing energy reduction opportunities, including Building Management System enhancements, LED lighting, equipment upgrades and conducting energy audits to identify areas of energy conservation opportunities. An improved performance score from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a B rating, reflects the success of our efforts to date.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

“At Stryker, we stand for a work environment that does not tolerate discrimination, injustice or acts of violence. We strive to foster a culture where all employees feel safe, included and engaged. Our mission and values unite employees around a diverse and inclusive culture that focuses on doing what’s right and making healthcare better.”

– Kevin Lobo   


At Stryker, an essential part of our culture has always been respecting each individual’s strengths and value. Building on this foundation, we continue to create an inclusive, engaging work environment and prioritise diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in keeping with our values of integrity and people.

Our diversity strategy calls on us to encourage, value and leverage differences to build an inclusive and engaging work environment, and we continue to integrate this strategy across our efforts to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce.