Minimally invasive surgery

Stryker’s visualisation platform enables you to distinguish anatomy across all minimally invasive procedures. Our long history of innovation and constant development in advanced imaging and OR connectivity is driven by the desire to allow you to see and do more. The 1588 AIM platform demonstrates our focus in a single, multi-specialty solution.

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Next level visualisation is here with 
Stryker's 1588 AIM platform

94% of surgeons see the 1588 AIM as a clinical improvement. 1


See more. Do more. 

With the SDC3, surgeons are given more control, and can activate devices, change settings.

Dynamic Range Enhancement

Infrared Illumination System

Lighting Enhancement

Endoscopic Near-Infrared Visualisation

Introducing PneumoClear
Supplement your visualisation platform to help you see more. 

PneumoClear's smart and integrated in and out management system is designed to maintain stability while actively evacuating smoke, helping protect against the harmful effects of surgical plume. 

The average daily impact of surgical smoke is equal to 27-30 unfiltered cigarettes. 2

of nurses feel more comfortable working in the OR with a smoke evacuation device in use. 3