Stryker launches InZone Green campaign in Australia and New Zealand

STK Inzone CS

Stryker is committed to leaving healthcare better than we found it. Stryker recently launched our InZone Green campaign in Australia and New Zealand to create a more sustainable shared future.

Recycling circuit board components and batteries represent a huge potential for recycling electronic materials (including semiconductors), reducing emissions from the highly polluting synthesis and purification processes associated with the raw materials, and reducing harmful substances in landfill sites.

Stryker’s InZone Detachment System is a sterile, handheld, single-patient-use device designed for use with Stryker’s Target Detachable Coils. These devices contain 215 circuit board components and two AAAA batteries.

“Stryker is changing the way healthcare thinks about ‘single-use’ devices,” said Maurice Ben- Mayor, President of Stryker South Pacific. “Phase one of the InZone Green Campaign recycles these circuit board components and batteries to reduce our environmental footprint. In phase two, we will explore recycling all components and finding ways to use these key components for future builds.”

Following a successful pilot program in Victoria, Stryker’s Neurovascular teams have coordinated with hospital staff across Australia and New Zealand to collect used InZone Detachment Systems. Stryker owns all associated costs of the InZone Green Campaign, including the return of devices, program materials, collaterals, and reprocessing.

Dr. Pey Ling Shum, author of “Environmental sustainability in neurointerventional procedures: a waste audit”, took part in the pilot program.

“I am glad that Stryker is committed to recycling their InZone Detachment System and has taken the initiatives to ensure environmental sustainability of our department and reduce our carbon footprint,” Dr. Shum explained.

“The InZone Detachment System greening campaign has been working well in our hospital. It is easy to implement and at zero cost to the hospital.”

“Stryker is committed to positively impacting people and our planet through responsible, sustainable practices,” Mr. Ben-Mayor added. “Our company goals are to achieve a 20% carbon emissions reduction by 2024 and become carbon neutral by 2030.”

“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sustainability, but we are proud of the progress we have made and are excited to continually improve, evolve and learn with our customers.”