Caregivers at the heart of what we do

At Stryker caregivers
are at the heart of
everything we do.

We develop our products in partnership with our customers and we listen to their feedback to introduce products in the market that meet paramedics' needs.


Our Powered Solutions are designed to help reduce back injuries for caregivers and we are committed to improve paramedics' working environment. Caregivers across the globe are sharing their experience of using our products and what has been the impact on their day to day work.


Ambulance Boissée
A French family owned EMS organization where passion is at the heart of everything.
"We're very proud, my husband and I, for passing on to our children, our two children, this passion for being a paramedic."

Sophia Boissée - owner of Ambulance Boissée, France

"I've done my duty. When I've been able to make someone smile."

Caralie Boissée - co-owner of Ambulance Boissée, France

From The Netherlands to Poland,
discover why EMS organizations are using Stryker Powered Solutions.
"It's all about a matter of trust and a matter of connection with people."

Han Rozmeijer - GGD Kennemerland, The Netherlands

"All research studies suggest, that the majority of injuries in our profession, is caused by lifting a great number of heavy objects."

Maciej Kobielus - EMS service Wadowice, Poland

Stryker Powered Solution "They are very helpful because we definitely have to take care of our health and I'm talking about EMS and paramedics."

Krzysztof Śniatecki - EMS service Wadowice, Poland

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