Vital bariatric care

Stryker's MV3 bariatric bed frame

Introducing MV3.

MV3 is designed with patients' and caregivers' wellbeing in mind, as well as a versatile solution for the challenges in bariatric care. Low bed height, fall prevention technologies, and multi-pivotal patient helper encourage interdependence and mobility for patients of size. MV3’s litter deck expands to three widths to accommodate patients of various sizes. 

Stryker's MV3 at a low height

Promotes fall prevention

Featuring advanced fall prevention technologies such as our exclusive iBed Awareness, bed exit system and low height, MV3 helps keep your patients secure throughout their hospital stay.

Adjustable litter deck on Stryker's MV3

Accommodates patients of various sizes 

MV3 can accommodate up to 500kg of safe working load and features an adjustable litter deck that expands to three widths: 91.4/106.7/121.9cm.

Stryker's MV3 diagonal view

Designed with patients in mind

With its aesthetically-pleasing design, MV3 looks and feels like the rest of our fleet.

The optional multi-pivotal patient helper accessory on Stryker's MV3

Encourages independence

MV3’s multi-pivotal patient helper is an optional accessory intended to help patients of size reposition themselves in bed and to the edge of the bed.





From 1975 and 2018,
worldwide obesity nearly tripled.2

Nearly 29%
of adults in UK classified as obese.3

By 2030
its been estimated that 50% of the population will be obese.4

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