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Pr. Jacques Moret (left), Pr. Laurent Spelle, NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center, Beaujon Medical Hospital, Paris, France

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Innovation that Saves Lives

“Neuroform EZ and Target Coils represent the gold standard of material currently used to treat intracranial aneurysm endovascularly. Not only because they were pioneers in their category, but also because of their ability to be reliable, even in very tortuous anatomy.” — Pr. Laurent Spelle

As interventional neuroradiologists at NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center in Paris, France, professors Jacques Moret and Laurent Spelle know that stroke patients who don’t get immediate treatment can suffer death or handicap. So when a 45-year-old math professor and father of two arrived comatose at their hospital and a brain scan revealed a massive hemorrhage caused by a ruptured aneurysm, the doctors knew there was no margin for error if they were to save his life.

Though many ruptured brain aneurysms can be treated by placing a platinum coil inside the aneurysm sac, this patient’s tiny aneurysm was without an identifiable “neck,” presenting what professors Moret and Spelle called “a very tricky situation.” Fortunately, Stryker’s Neuroform EZ Stent System allowed the duo to place a stent inside the blood vessel, next to the ruptured aneurysm sac. This enabled the successful placement of a Target Detachable Coil precisely where it was needed within the aneurysm sac to treat the rupture. “We pushed our technique to its extreme,” professor Spelle explained. “And it worked perfectly.”

Today the patient is back at work and enjoying his family. And in the hands of talented doctors like the team at NEURI, Stryker’s cutting-edge stroke care means that more stroke patients around the world now have a second chance at life.

Left: Anatomically challenging aneurysms require the use of a flexible microcatheter, used to guide the Neuroform EZ Stent and Target Detachable Coil into place.

Right: Professors Jacques Moret, left, and Laurent Spelle at NEURI, the Brain Vascular Center, which the two founded to treat patients requiring highly technical medical management of brain vascular diseases.