Stryker ABG II

ABG II cementless stem
ABG II cementless stem
ABG II cementless stemABG II cementless hip replacementABG II cup


The ABGII Cement free Hip System shows family character. The Standard ABGII and ABGII Modular provide some common benefits that will convince most surgeons.

Design Objectives The aims of the ABGII Hip System are to provide total hip replacement that is the most anatomic, that means:

  • Long Lasting
  • Pain Free
  • Fully Functional
  • Easy to implant

These are intended to be achieved by re-establishing physiological load transfer in both the acetabulum and the femur through the ABGII Hip System which provides:

  • Anatomical femoral shape with only proximal fixation
  • Hemispherical acetabular component
  • Titanium alloy Hydroxyapatite coating

Features & Benefits

The V40 Taper allows Stryker to offer a wide range of head diameters, materials, and head offsets. The V40™ was first introduced in 1995 and since then its clinical efficacy has been shown in excess of 85,000 implantations.

The scales system is incorporated into the stem’s anterior, posterior and medial surfaces. Engineers applied methods and systems found in nature (bionics) to design an effective and efficient surface of the implant. According to this, the deepness of the scales reduces from proximal to distal, encouraging the transmission of vertical loading from the implant to the bone and reducing the dependence on friction at the hydroxyapatide surface.

The coating of implant's stem with Hydroxyapatite (HA) leads in human body to a solid bond with the bone. Besides being biocompatible (compatible with living systems), Hydroxyapatite is bioactive, in the sense that it demonstrates a surface chemical activity which supports bone ingrowth. HA is a naturally occurring mineral, comprised of calcium and phosphorus and found in vertebrate bone and teeth.

PureFix HA is Stryker's own brand of Hydroxyapatite coating and one of the first Hydroxyapatite coating to enter the US Market more than 12 years ago. It is manufactured using a proprietary and technologically advanced in-house process providing the strictest control over HA coating parameters.

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