T2 Tibia

Nailing System

The T2 Tibial Nailing System is intended to provide temporary stabilization of various types of fractures, malunion and nonunion of the tibia. The nails are inserted using an opened or closed technique and can be statically, dynamically and compressed locked.

The T2 Tibial Nailing System is indicated for long bone fracture fixation, specifically tibial fracture fixation, which may include the following:


  • Open and closed tibial fractures

  • Pseudarthrosis and correction osteotomy

  • Pathologic fractures, impending pathologic fractures and tumor resections

  • Nonunion and malunion

T2 Suprapatellar Instrumentation

Used with the T2 Tibial Nailing System, the T2 Tibia Suprapatellar Instrument System offers an alternate method for the insertion of T2 Tibia nails in a suprapatellar approach with the patients in a semi-extended position.