Stryker's SV2 hospital bed


Hospital Bed

Enhancing patient and caregiver safety

The SV2 hospital bed successfully combines form and function to enhance the well-being and comfort of patients while helping caregivers work efficiently. Always keeping patient and caregiver safety at the forefront.



SV2 overview

1. Mobile headboard

Allows more ergonomic positioning for caregivers and enhanced patient benefits in any bed position.

2. Integrated control panels

The intuitive controls offer great functionality to both caregiver and patient in any bed position.

3. Double regression

Allows 89 mm backrest and 39 mm knee gatch regression to help reduce both sacral pressure and displacement of the patient.

Illustration of Stryker's SV2 hospital bed with numbers referencing specific features

4. "Always on" under bed light

Enhances patient visibility during the night when exiting the bed, helping to prevent falls.

5. Fifth wheel

Fifth wheel mobility enhances the manoeuvrability of the bed, helping to reduce the risk of caregiver back injury. The fifth wheel allows the bed to go in a straight direction and facilitates mobility in small spaces.

6. Fold down siderails

Simplifies patient exiting, enhances patient safety by fully covering and minimising entrapment gaps, and ease of use for caregivers who can tuck away the siderails with only one hand.



Icon of two arrows forming a circle

10 year life expectancy

Wireless icon

IEC 60601-1-2:2014

Icon of checkmark

Low bed indicator


Icon of a weight

250 kg safe working load

Icon of two arrows pointing in opposite directions horizontally

Bed Extender 31 cm

Icon of two arrows pointing in opposite directions vertically

Height adjustment 37 – 75 cm




The SV2 hospital bed is built to be a versatile bed for any hospital by considering the needs for both efficiency and safety. It is fully adjustable for both the caregiver’s ease of use and the patient’s comfort.

The range of height adjustment, 37 to 75 cm, brings the bed close to the ground to prevent patients from falling and supports an ergonomic working position for the caregivers.

Taller patients benefit from a bed extender, extending the bed with an additional 31 cm.

The integrated linen tray is a built-in storage unit located at the footboard, that can store patients’ clothes, laundry and the nurse control unit at the footboard.

The fifth wheel provides enhanced steering and turning, potentially reducing caregiver back injuries and particularly useful in confined spaces.

Close-up of the mobile headboard on Stryker's SV2 hospital bed
Close-up of the footboard on Stryker's SV2 hospital bed
Close-up of the CPR levers on Stryker's SV2 hospital bed
Close-up of the under bed light on Stryker's SV2 hospital bed

The mobile headboard allows more ergonomic working position for caregivers. The head and footboard are easily removable to allow caregivers quick access to their patient. CPR levers are located on both the left and right side of the backrest.

The levers are easily accessible with raised and lowered siderails. Activating the CPR release positions the bed at 0° to allow for effective CPR. The always-on under bed light enhance patient visibility when getting out of bed at night, helping to prevent patient falls.

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