Sparking curiosity at Stryker’s second-annual DE&I summit


“How will you be the spark?” That was the question asked at our second-annual Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit.

Last year, Stryker launched its first global DE&I summit, which was open to all Stryker employees. With thousands in attendance, the summit helped increase global awareness of our DE&I commitments, share updates on our progress and highlight the role all employees play in achieving our goals. The experience made such an impact that we recently hosted our second-annual event.

This year, the summit challenged us to be the spark – to celebrate authenticity, lead with curiosity and challenge bias – because when we harness the potential of DE&I, we make each other better, and make healthcare better.

One of the sessions included a roundtable discussion on ‘Navigating DE&I conversations.’ Brent Ladd, President of Stryker’s Endoscopy Division, moderated the session. “Stryker is quickly becoming an even better place to work as we continue to embark on our DE&I journey. Our mission drives the meaning behind our work, and enhanced DE&I provides for a great work environment for all of us,” shares Brent. Four employees brought their unique perspectives and stories to the table, sparking some meaningful conversation. Here’s what they had to say.



“Be comfortable being uncomfortable. The more educated you are, the more questions you ask, the more context you have – it’s so helpful in removing biases.”

–Paris Deadmon, Regional Manager, Sales


“Don’t deny other people’s truth because it doesn’t fit in with yours. Be curious, ask questions, be open to learning something new. You might just discover a new world.”

–Roxana “Roxy” Sanderson, Associate Manager, Product Development



“Find what makes you, you – and run with it. Make a difference by being different.”

–Jillian Williams, Sales Representative


“Seek to understand before you judge. The most challenging questions are the most powerful and important questions you can ask a person.”

–Francesca Calnan, Private Group Manager UK