Connected OR
Operating System
Empower your surgical team with
a single touch of a button

Stryker’s Connected OR Operating System provides control and customization of compatible equipment from a single, intuitive touchscreen. Our desire is to increase efficiency and satisfaction by simplifying workflows, streamlining communications, and connecting surgeons, staff and patients.

User interface

Connected OR Operating System powers the iSuite by seamlessly connecting compatible hospital devices from one user interface, providing a simple, intuitive and efficient workflow experience. You have the ability to modify connected surgical device settings in the operating room from one location. This allows your staff to minimize OR movement and surgeon disruptions with the ability to edit and change any intra-operative settings from a single touch panel.

faster equipment setup1
Helping you spend more time on patients.


Turnover time

Powered by the Connected OR Operating System, the iSuite enables surgial teams to reduce turnover time by up to 18 minutes.2

Better environment

95% of surgical nurses agree that the iSuite provides a better OR work environment by eliminating the need to constantly locate equipment.3

Surgeon profiles Pre-op room setup, now at the touch of a button

The surgical staff is tasked with setting up the entire operating room pre-operatively, which varies from surgeon to surgeon. With pre-programmed customizable, cloud based profiles, you no longer have to memorize a surgeon’s OR configuration, such as room and console settings as well as preference card details. 

Automating the surgeon profiles ensures consistency with your room setup, for example:

  • Monitor settings
  • Preset insufflation pressure
  • Manage arthroscopy pump and resection platforms together
  • Save and access commonly used annotations for surgical images

Real time messaging On demand real time communication

The real-time messaging feature within the Connected OR Operating System, is designed to streamline critical communication by allowing real-time status updates to be sent directly to both physicians and patient family. The messaging system enables you to update your surgical team in real-time without stepping outside the sterile operating room.

The Connected OR Operating System leverages Wi-Fi enabled real time messaging to keep your surgeons and staff informed pre and post operatively:

  • Alert the turnover team to prepare the room
  • Notify the surgeon, PA or staff of room readiness
  • Keep the family informed of their loved one’s status
  • Standardize preference card management with real time updates
  • Streamline the repair process by initiating service request in real time
  • Notification of repairs

By improving overall communication between the staff, valuable OR idle time will be decreased.


Less foot traffic

50% of foot traffic in an operating room occurs during the pre-operative period.4

Direct EHR connectivity Go paperless: Automate and ensure accuracy of patient information

The Connected OR Operating System's EHR connectivity packages eliminates the tedious process of manually entering patient information pre-operatively by scanning the patient's wrist to auto-populate the necessary information, and minimize prints postoperatively with direct integration into the patient's EHR. This feature is designed to not only save time, but also decrease the risk of a manual entry error.

Voice control Hands free control of your OR

Connected OR voice control allows you to control the iSuite environment by speaking directly into your headset. With voice control, connected surgical devices respond to your immediate needs, allowing you to minimize surgical disruptions resulting in a more efficient intraoperative workflow.

Voice control is powered by the Connected OR Operating System which offers the following unified iSuite device control features in a single touchscreen:

  • Customized device monitoring overlays
  • Customized annotations for anatomical labeling
  • Toggle through advanced imaging modalities with quick voice commands or a touch of a button through device control
Additional integration software packages
Live video

Collaborate, educate, maximize

Utilize the hospital’s network infrastructure to facilitate video conferencing and broadcasting from within the operating room. The need for operating room connectivity is more prevalent than ever, and Stryker’s Live Video makes real-time video exchange throughout the hospital seamless and simple.

Room status

Manage, optimize, monitor

Take live video feeds from desired locations within the hospital and stream them into a single display for instant status updates. With the ability to visually monitor the status of all operating rooms, OR staff can efficiently control turnover times. An intuitive touch screen system allows users to easily group and manage all the video feeds.

Media management

Archive, edit, share

Stryker’s media asset management software solutions make it easy for users to archive, edit, and share surgical media from an intuitive browser-based user interface or from your Apple iPad using the My SDC3 app.

EHR connectivity

Paperless, secure, easy

Whether you want to send data to the patient’s chart in the EMR or push videos and images to Stryker’s media asset system, EHR connectivity provides an integrated, secure, and reliable data management solution.

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