iSuite live video

Live video conferencing platform powered by ConnectSuite

iSuite live video connects clinicians within the operating room to other ORs, pathology for lab verification, surgeons for intraoperative consultations, and to auditoriums for education.

iSuite Live Video

Our live video conferencing platform utilizes the hospital’s network infrastructure to facilitate videoconferencing and broadcasting from within the OR. The network based communication helps eliminate the need for cumbersome cable runs and expands the OR’s video presence to the desktop.
Whether broadcasting a surgery for continued education or consulting with Pathology, iSuite live video provides an easy, integrated video streaming solution. Designed to support greater scale to education, iSuite live video allows multiple desktop participants to view the same OR video feed simultaneously. OR managers can use the browser-based software application to easily check the status of connected operating rooms, and surgeons can initiate a one-way video call with an OR to check on residents during surgery.

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