Stryker responds to KRACK vulnerability for iBed Wireless-enabled Secure II, S3 MedSurg and InTouch ICU beds


Stryker has a commitment to put quality first in everything we do, including making product security enhancements available to our customers.

In 2017, a Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) vulnerability was identified that impacted any Wi-Fi device that utilized the encryption standard known as WPA2. Because of this vulnerability, companies across various industries released security patches to limit the potential intrusion of their wireless products by unauthorized users. This vulnerability can impact cell phones, computers, cars, etc. 

The KRACK vulnerability is applicable to iBed Wireless-enabled Secure II, S3 and InTouch beds that are wirelessly-connected to a hospital network. 

The KRACK vulnerability does not affect the functionality of the bed. We are not aware of any impact from this event and are actively monitoring the situation and collaborating with other organizations. This vulnerability is not known to have been exploited on any of Stryker’s products. As such to our knowledge, no data has been breached, no information has been accessed, and no damage has been done. 

Stryker developed a software patch to address the KRACK vulnerability for iBed Wireless-enabled S3 and InTouch beds. All of Stryker’s new Medical Wireless products will include this patch. S3 Products shipped as of November 7, 2018 and InTouch products shipped as of July 9, 2018 included the patch. New wireless activations include software addressing this vulnerability. 

If you have a question about your bed(s), please call 1-800-STRYKER, option 2, for Medical Technical Support.