ProCare Services

Personal protection equipment

Get the most from your equipment investment

With ProCare Services, we set a new standard for customer support. Our goal is to make it easier for you to get the most from your investment in equipment from Stryker. ProCare Services offer you peace of mind at a fixed cost.

Our team has the proprietary knowledge, components and tools to care for your equipment from Stryker and keep it performing to the highest standards.

ProCare Protect

The true value of ProCare isn't the way our people handle equipment service and repairs. It's in the time you'll save and the hassles you
won't have to endure. Stryker's Repair Replace service was designed to maximize equipment uptime.

Stryker’s ProCare Protect contract for your helmet system includes:

  • Unlimited replacements
  • Shipping costs covered
  • Complete service support with Stryker’s dedicated service call center 

Flyte helmet