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Making healthcare better begins with a commitment. A promise to work harder and reach further, not just by developing products and technologies, but with programs and business practices as well. Our SurgiCount Promise risk-sharing program is an innovative first for us that protects your investment with up to $5 million in product-liability indemnification and implementation cost rebate.
Our promise to you:

Shift product cost risk from you

Review any retained surgical sponge event submission and notify you of the outcome

Provide up to $5 million in product liability indemnification

Rebate you the incremental cost of implementing the SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System over your previous sponge spend (three year maximum)

Your promise to us:

Install and use the SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System on every procedure where x-ray detectable sponges are utilized and hospital policy requires sponge counts be performed

Use SurgiCount and SAFE-T Lap sponges in 100% of procedures

Install SurgiCount360 Software with e-mail notifications activated and monitored

Submit your SurgiCount360 patient reports to us for validation

“The SurgiCount Promise gives participating hospitals complete confidence to invest in patient safety by shifting product-cost risk to us.”

Dylan Crotty, Vice President & General Manager

“Money-back guarantee in medical devices?! Stryker says ‘Yessir.'”

Arundhati Parmar, senior editor at Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry

“Stryker separated itself from the pack of top medtech firms when it actually put some numbers to a new risk-sharing program.”

Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry online

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