Demineralized cancellous bone

Natural scaffold for cell attachment

BIOExpand demineralized cancellous bone

BIOExpand is comprised of 100% demineralized cancellous bone providing an osteoconductive scaffold for cell attachment that, when rehydrated, produces a sponge-like effect allowing the graft to be compressed to fit in and around a variety of bony defects.1

  • Natural osteoconductive scaffold for cell attachment1

  • Osteoinductive potential by exposed natural growth factors through the demineralization process1

  • Ambient temperature storage

  • Naturally absorbs and retains bioactive fluids like blood and Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA)1

  • Sterilized using Allowash XG® technology achieving sterility without compromising the inherent osteoconductive or osteoinductive potential1

  • Malleable, elastic, and compressible when rehydrated1

  • Six sizes available