Balance ACS

Empowering you to achieve quality patient outcomes throughout the continuum of spinal care

BACS: supporting surgeons throughout the patient care continuum

Introducing Balance ACS





BACS provides the necessary tools—from surgical preauthorization tools and preoperative planning
to 3D anatomical modeling and postoperative reporting—to facilitate quality patient outcomes and to support the perioperative process.

BACS Accelerate 

An easy-to-follow insurance documentation tool that displays payer and patient specific requirement

BACS Assist 

A surgical image measuring technology to assist in planning and preoperative implant selection

BACS Assure 

A data collection and operative reporting tool to track patient outcome metrics

Streamlined spinal care

is an integrated suite of products and services designed to help you achieve quality outcomes for your patients across the continuum of spinal care.


How can BACS benefit......

  • Allows you to easily collect PRO data for analysis with no added burden to your team
  • Gives you insight into your patients' experiences throughout the entire continuum of spinal care
  • Enables you to make data-driven treatment decisions
  • Empowers you to enhance your patient care
Your patient

  • Allows them to feel part of their own treatment plan, and provides them with unique insight into their condition, progress and recovery
  • Helps them make informed decisions based on the experiences of other patients with similar profiles*
Your practice
  • Facilitates benchmarking of surgeons within your organization and provides comparative data
  • Provides data to help you negotiate with insurance companies

*Each spinal surgery patient will experience a different postoperative activity level, depending on his/her own individual clinical factors.

Step up your spinal care


  BACS Assure
      Advanced insight and analysis for comprehensive treatment decisions


Everyone knows the value of data. The BACS Assure tool simplifies data management by capturing and analyzing data throughout the continuum of spinal care – it can provide you with insights that allow you to make treatment decisions for your patients.


- Understand what treatment options have resulted in quality patient outcomes

- Share data with your patient to foster engagement and allow them to feel involved in treatment decisions

- Track, analyze and understand long-term outcomes and trends for all your patients in real-time

- View your patient outcomes using our templates, or create your own detailed ad hoc reports

- Benchmark your practice

  BACS Accelerate
      To facilitate smooth and efficient pre-approvals


We know that payer requirements vary significantly and change frequently. BACS Accelerate streamlines the entire pre-authorization process, providing you with an easy, always-up-to-date checklist of payer-specific and patient-specific requirements.


- Navigate patient-specific and policy-specific requirements with an easy-to-use checklist

- Designed to help reduce the likelihood of peer-to-peer reviews and last-minute cancellations

  BACS Assist
      Clear surgical planning


Measure twice, cut once. BACS Assist is a comprehensive preoperative planning and implant selection tool. It also allows you to create custom 3D-printed anatomical models and patient-specific rods, rails and templates tailored to your patients’ specific needs.


- Evaluate alignment and balance using comprehensive radiographic analysis

- Assists with preoperative planning utilizing osteotomies, implants and patient-specific solutions

- Visualize complex anatomy and plan your surgeries with 3D-printed anatomical models

We've got your back

BACS provides total support across the continuum of spinal care


  BACS Assure

   Collect data for analysis, comparison and planning

   Administer PRO measures

   Educate patients

  BACS Accelerate

   Meet pre-authorization steps

  BACS Assist

   Plan surgery and select implants

  BACS Assure

   Collect data for analysis, comparison and planning

  BACS Assist

   Utilize planning solutions

   Confirm pre-operative measures

  BACS Assure

   Monitor patient recovery

   Use outcomes to market practice

   Compare outcomes to others in de-identified database

   Track results to inform future decisions

  BACS Assist

   Analyze post-operative alignment

   Use radiographic measurements to evaluate post-operative outcomes

Practical considerations

BACS implementation is designed to be seamless. It can be integrated into your IT system with minimal impact to your existing workflow. We will provide a dedicated team and collaborate with you to deliver all necessary training and ongoing support.


  Data security is paramount

   Strong end-to-end encryption of data transmission

   At-rest database encryption

   Robust access controls for PHI

   Comparative patient data de-identified according to HHS safe harbor standards

   Hosted by an industry-leading, healthcare-focused cloud provider

  Contact details

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