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Airo TruCT is designed to provide diagnostic imaging in Brachytherapy. With its largest inner bore, patients can be scanned in the treatment position, minimizing possible catheter movement while maintaining procedural accuracy.

Airo TruCT In Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy relies upon CT imaging to ensure that cannulas used to deliver the radiation seeds have not moved out of position. Standard workflow in HD Brachytherapy often requires a confirmatory CT scan in Radiology, possibly adding time to the procedure. Airo TruCT's large inner bore enables the patient to be scanned in the same position as during the treatment, within the Brachytherapy suite. This can help reduce uncertainty associated with cannula movement and may reduce overall procedure time. By limiting patient movement, you may reduce cannula movement (and potentially repositioning of the cannula), which may reduce overall procedure time.



Potentially improves the optimized workflow of HDR prostate brachytherapy procedures


Eliminates having to schedule/transport the patient to radiology for confirmatory CT imaging following catheter placement

Enables concurrent treatment planning while patient can recover in the HDR suite following surgical placement of catheters (No additional patient transport required)

With Airo's largest inner bore, patient does not change from lithotomic position to horizontal, possibly resulting in catheter movement and potential repositioning



Potential benefits in Brachytherapy



Airo’s self propelled transport mode and forward facing camera mean the system can easily be moved into and out of the Brachytherapy vault. It can also be moved between multiple vaults with little effort. Airo plugs into a standard wall power outlet.

Largest inner bore (107cm)

Airo's large inner bore enables the patient to be positioned and scanned all on the treatment table. By minimizing patient movement during treatment, you may be able to better maintain accuracy.

Reduced treatment time

Airo on demand, Point-of-Care CT can potentially help minimize the amount of time delay for patients requiring periodic interfraction CT imaging in Radiology.



Brachytherapy package
The Trumpf Brachytherapy Package is a CT compatible imaging table optimized for treatment workflow. It is offered with table accessories that enable seamless integration with Airo for Brachytherapy procedures.

Trumpf Airo Column

The Trumpf Airo Column is a table support system that provides wide range of motion for Trumpf surgical and imaging table tops.

Rotation: 360º without stop
Column height: 19.3" - 40.9" / 490mm - 1,040mm
Min. height incl. tabetop: 23.4" / 594mm
Height adjustment range: 21.7" / 550mm
Column cross-section (LxW): 12.4"-14.8" / 314mm x 375mm
Trendelenburg/tilting: ±45º / ±30º
Max. weight capacity*: 400 lbs / 181 kg