CORE 2 Console

Powered instrument driver

The CORE Console is designed with features and software that help you gain maximum benefits from our saws and drills.

Powering your instruments

CORE stands for Consolidated Operating Room Equipment, but its figurative meaning rings true as well. Our console is core to what you do. Paired with our market leading saw and drill portfolios, this console works across multiple surgical specialties. Here’s a snapshot of how the CORE 2 Console plays an integral role in optimizing your O.R. investments and efficiency.

  • Powers Stryker’s small bone orthopaedic saws and drills, NSE high speed drills, ENT shavers, joint shavers and bone mill

  • Built-in design features make safe operation as effortless as possible

  • 13-year proven performance

  • Smart programming auto-activates screens, options and information based on connected devices

  • Powers a spectrum of devices, reducing need for multiple power sources

First-rate foot pedals

Get your choice of two foot pedals, each with multiple buttons to set desired functions such as irrigation on/off, forward/reverse direction, change drill port assignment, change RPMs and more.

No fuss irrigation

Our front facing, integrated irrigation with one-step insertion and removal makes set up simple, without any extra hardware components to affix or tubes to thread. Users also love its integrated I.V. pole bracket, auto prime and adjustable flow rate.

Convenient cart

Convenient cart

With eight drawers, two baskets and a top surface area, this cart holds your CORE 2 Console, foot pedals and a full inventory of cutting accessories.
Organize as you wish and apply custom drawer labels to make management easy.

Associated products


A versatile micro electric system that is powered through the CORE Console and consists of ergonomic, lightweight handpieces.

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